Speaking topics

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Your audience  want to be both educated and entertained. I deliver my talks with energy and humor.

Last 7 years I have performed for big conferences 600+ people to small top executive gatherings of 10 people. Let´s discuss your event and see if we can make some magic happen!

Winning with Millennials and Gen Z

How to engage, lead and sell to the emerging generations. The whys and wherefores of Millennial and Gen Z behavior have employers and marketers endlessly wringing their hands. I clear up the mystery by painting an actionable picture of Millennials and Gen Z preferred means of communication, workplace models, and best practice when it comes to engaging with this group, possessed as they are of more than a little self-regard. Unsure of how to engage a generation brought up in an unprecedented tech and social milieu? The question matters to me personally because every day I´m either collaborating, hiring or marketing to them. Here´s what I know that you can use.

Research based presentation tailored to your industry

Often big corporations and organizations have multiple challanges facing the younger generations. Trough my network if Millennials and Gen Z I do data research based on your challanges and present smart solutions for your company.

Entrepreneurship as it really is

Let´s spare a thought for the people struggling to make their ideas happen. In this keynote speech, I take the audience through the entrepreneurial journey: how people perceive the entrepreneur´s day-to-day and how it really is. In the face of that reality, I impart practical advice on turning ideas into real businesses.

Panel discussions.

I have served as a panel member of many panel debates as a representant of young entrepreneurs.