I help companies understand the younger generations to achieve better results

Last 7 years I have hired, lead and sold to millennials and Gen Z. After doing a lot of research on best practices I created a talk that is delivered full of energy, humor and keyful insights with practical advices any company can benefit of using for achiving better results.

Feautered in

Less friction

Many companies struggle to understand how to include younger people in the workforce. I give examples of how to easily reduce frictions across generations.

More value for money

Is your company recruiting and product development on the right track when reaching out to young people?

Reduce turnover

By providing the right leadership and communication, less young people will quit and the turnover can be drastically reduced.

Whats the latest trends?

During continus research ill present the latest trends so that your company product and service development can be on track

 After giving 70+ speeches and 45+ top ratings im confident  that I can deliver real value to your event and company.

Tailored for HR Conferences, Leadership Conferences and Technology Conferences, lets make some magic?

I have helped lots of leaders and HR personel prepare themself for a new work generation and at the same time minimize friction between millennials and older generations.

Some of the organizations and companies I worked with

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Max Gouchan